A Healthy Take on Tailgating

Alcohol and tailgating go together like peanut butter and chocolate. Coffee and cream. Bert and Ernie. Headaches and Motrin. Stomach upset and ginger ale. Impaired memory and text-message epic fails.You get where I’m going. Your average tailgate can have some nasty consequences the next day, and beyond if you’re at it every weekend.

Your average tailgate involves alcohol, and it’s not uncommon for people to overdo it. The outcomes of a day of indulging range from headaches and stomach upset to more serious situations including physical violence or auto accidents. Those potential consequences might not deter determined partygoers, but they should! There are also other issues at play that can tip the scales in favor of going booze-free. Take dietary restrictions, for instance. These days, gluten-free and sugar-free diets are common, and that means no booze on game day.

Enjoy a Booze-Free Tailgate with Coffee Instead

I get it. There’s something about holding a drink in your hand while you shove chicken wings down your gullet and await your team’s next awesome or terrible play. There’s a way to both satisfy that urge and be mindful of your health at the same time. For a healthier tailgating experience, try coffee. It’s a healthier choice, with new research showing how coffee consumption can benefit cardiovascular health. And of course it’s a great way to stay alert throughout what can be a long day at the tailgate. It’s also multipurpose: drink, marinade, and recipe standout ingredient.

If you’re looking for a new approach to game day, try these recipes for incorporating coffee into your tailgating fun!

Breakfast in a Mug

This oat latte recipe might sound strange, but it’s perfect for morning tailgates. You get your coffee and oats all in one! Double (or triple, etc.) the recipe as needed.

Also try our maple mocha granola!

Maple Mocha Granola Recipe - Coletti Coffee Maple Mocha Granola - sweet, crunchy, and peppy!

Tried and True Brew

Make a big batch of cold brew the night before, pour it into a portable container, and you’re good to go. Don’t forget ice cubes, cups, cream, and sugar or flavored syrups.

Mix Cold Brew With Milk for a Tasty Treat Mix Cold Brew With Milk for a Tasty Treat

Comfort Coffee Food

Imagine arriving at a tailgate to a big pot of red-eye gravy with sausage. Hopefully the biscuits will be homemade, but if not, this stick-to-your-bones gravy will more than make up for it.

Feeling a chili vibe? Make up a big pot of our cocoa and coffee chili and everyone's a winner!

Dark Coffee and Cocoa Chili cooking on stove by Coletti Coffee mmmm... good.

Touchdown Treat

When you combine coffee and chocolate, it’s always a winner. These mocha brownies will be a crowd pleaser. Cut them into smaller squares with toothpicks in the center to make an easy finger food. They also freeze well, so if you’re short on time before game day, you can always make them beforehand.

Also check out all our original coffee-infused recipes, and this post with tons of ways to up your brew game. Try one or all of these recipes and share your review in the comments below!

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