Choosing a Pour over Coffee Maker

A pour over coffee maker will change the way you feel about home-brewed coffee forever. It gives you complete control over every aspect of the brewing process and looks impressive enough that your friends will admire your skills.

There are many different types out there, so choosing the best pour over coffee maker can be a bit of a hassle for the beginning coffee snob. But it is well worth the time and money spent.

Why You Should Get a Pour over Coffee Maker

Whichever specific equipment you decide to get, pour over coffee has a few key advantages that set it apart (and above) other methods. Some of those advantages include:

  • More control: you are present and a part of each stage of the brewing process which means you can fine tune and perfect to create a customized and beautiful cup of coffee that perfectly suits your tastes.
  • More flavor: having control over the brew allows you to make sure you extract as much flavor as possible out of those grounds without pulling out the bitters along with it. The kind of flavor you get as a result simply cannot be matched by an automated machine.

Flavor of Coffee

  • More adjustability: everyone has their own preferences and tastes when it comes to coffee. Some prefer a robust and full-bodied brew while others prefer a lighter, more floral aroma. Some want it closer to the sweet side while others want to let some of that acidity in. With a drip machine, you don’t really have a say in what comes out on that regard. But with a pour over, you can tweak and experiment until you land on the perfect recipe.

All told, pour over coffee is the best way to produce a brew that perfectly matches your taste. While the process takes more of your time since you can’t just push a button and walk away, we find it to be a pleasant morning ritual.

As you carefully nurture your brew through each stage, you come to appreciate the end result because you know exactly what went into it.

Understanding the Different Types of Pour over Coffee Makers

Each type has the same essential function. It allows you to pour hot water over grounds which then drips down through the grounds and into whichever vessel you put below it. However, there are a few different types and designs that each have their own advantages.

Single Cup Pour Over Coffee Maker

This is simply a dripper that can be placed on top of any coffee cup. You add your filter, your grounds, and pour water to brew a single cup of coffee that tastes like heaven in a cup. This is the best option for those who only drink one cup in the morning.

Grinding Fine Coffee

It’s also great to use when experimenting with your technique or recipe. Rather than brew a whole pot and find out your experiment didn’t work out, you only sacrifice a single cup’s worth of ingredients and effort.

These are also ideal for traveling. These are small enough that you could pack it in your luggage on your next trip. It’s also versatile enough that you can put it on top of any coffee cup. This makes it your best travelling coffee companion.

Combination Dripper and Stand

Another possibility is getting a dripper that is mounted to a stand. Rather than resting directly on top of your cup, it is held above it via this stand. Our main reason for liking this option is the adjustability.

Many designs allow you to move the dripper up and down the stand which means you can move it low to brew a single cup or raise it up to brew a full pot.

One Cup of Coffee in Morning

That kind of versatility is great because you can decide whether it’s a one cup kind of morning or an eight cup kind of morning. It also means you can make a whole pot for when you have company and then go back to brewing single cups when you’re brewing just for yourself.

It also looks nice and takes up the least space. You can store your cups and carafe in the cupboards and have nothing but a stand and dripper on the counter.

Pour over Carafe

The pour over carafe is essentially a larger pot with a special design that allows you to rest a filter directly in the mouth of it. This means you don’t need a special dripper. It also means you can easily brew a full pot (or half pot, or however much you like) rather than a single cup at a time.

It’s also very easy to clean. Many are even dishwasher safe, although you should be cautious with a glass pour over coffee maker. Beyond being able to brew more than a single cup, the pour over carafe also has one other great advantage: the ability to use it with reusable filters.

Take your time choosing the perfect pour over drip coffee maker for you.  Each one has its perks and is capable of brewing a delicious cup of coffee that will rival the professionals.

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