My Glass Percolator Top Broke! Where Can I Buy a New One?

A stovetop percolator is a camper’s best friend.

It’s easy to enjoy hot, fresh coffee on a camping trip. All you need is a good quality percolator and a crackling campfire. The aroma of brewing java and the tang of woodsmoke add extra magic to the experience of the Great Outdoors.

There’s nothing quite as inspiring as taking in the glory of a mountain sunrise with a fresh cup of coffee in hand. No matter whether you’re planning an invigorating hike or bike ride, a leisurely day of fishing or boating, or a thrilling kayak or canoe ride; a delicious cup of coffee is just the thing to get you pumped up for the exciting day ahead.

But nothing spoils your camping trip like a broken percolator knob. You might be getting your camping gear ready and discover that the glass knob for your coffee percolator is missing. Maybe it’ll fall out of your pack and shatter on the ground. Maybe the percolator knob will fall off and get lost in tall grasses. You could even drop it in the water while you’re in your boat—by accident, of course.

Naturally, if your percolator top breaks or gets lost, you’re stuck without a way to make coffee on your camping trip. Not fun. So if your percolator glass top breaks, where can you buy a new one?

Well, since you’re here, why not buy a replacement percolator top from Coletti? Our glass percolator tops will fit several percolator brands, including:

  • Coletti
  • Coleman
  • Stansport
  • Texport
  • Eurolux
  • Tops
  • Chinook
  • Rapid Brew
  • Norpro

While Coletti’s percolator lids will fit all of the above brands, they are not compatible with Farberware products. If you need a replacement glass knob for your Farberware percolator, you can buy it directly from Farberware’s website or from one of the following retailers:

Camping is great fun, and a hot cuppa joe makes it even better. But you never know when disaster will strike. Fortunately, you don’t have to stress out looking for a replacement percolator lid: we’ve got you covered. So why not be prepared? Buy your new percolator top now!


Remember, every purchase you make from Coletti goes directly to fund the fight against human trafficking. Thank you for your support, and Happy Camping!!!

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