Porcelain-Ceramic Coffee Dripper Set – 4 Piece kit

Unleash your inner barista and discover coffee as it was truly meant to taste! Made of heat resistant ceramic, this elegant dripper optimizes the pour over experience.

Ultimate Pour Over Experience

Pour over coffee is the latest trend in coffee making brilliance. But to truly enjoy hand-dripped coffee, you need to have the right tools—like the Coletti Ceramic Coffee Dripper!

Our elegant dripper is designed specifically for the pour over technique, a type of brewing process that extracts optimal flavor from the ground beans, resulting in a richer, more delicious taste.

Dripper Made of Porcelain

  • SUPERIOR COFFEE EXPERIENCE: Pour-over coffee is an ancient coffee-making method now revived. A favorite method of coffee shops, our dripper is designed to extract the optimal flavor from the beans.
  • PROFESSIONAL GRADE: Made of durable, high quality porcelain-ceramic, which withstands extreme heat better than borosilicate glass. This dripper will last forever.
  • DELIGHT FRIENDS: Coffee for One, or a Crowd: Brews anywhere from 1 to 6 cups of coffee at a time- perfect for weekday mornings or your next gourmet dinner party.
  • IT'S A SET: Comes with a 40-pack of #2 filters, a solid bamboo stir spoon, and fridge magnet with step-by-step instructions.
  • GUARANTEED: 100% Money Back Guarantee. Love our pour-over coffee dripper-or your money back! We'll happily provide a refund should you have any issues (and you can even keep the dripper).

Product Description

Thissystem is craftedfromceramic,whichprovidesbetterheatresistanceanddurability than those madeofborosilicateglass. Notonlywillitlastforever;itlooksbeautiful,too.

Final Product after Dripping

Sinceour dripper makes2to6cupsofcoffeeatonce,youcanuseitasyourownpersonalcoffeemaker orinviteafewfriends.Allittakesisafewminutes,and you’rein coffeeheaven!

Youalsoget 4FREEpremiumbonusgifts:a40-packof#2filters,  stainlesssteelcoffeescoop, bamboo stir spoon,andinstructionalmagnet.Justsupplythecoffee,andyouhaveeverything youneedtogetyourpour overpartystarted!

A Few Last Words

Makesafantastic giftforyourselforthatspecial coffeeloverinyourlife.Your satisfactionis100%guaranteed.

  • It’s a Set
  • Extremelyheatresistant
  • Makes2-6cups
  • Madeofdurableceramic/porcelain

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