Premium Steel Coffee Scoop Set | 1 & 2 Tablespoon

Tired of guessing how much ground coffee you need for your automatic coffeemaker, espresso machine, French press, or pour-over system? Skip all the fuss with the Coletti Set of 2 Stainless Steel Coffee Scoops!

For the pour over method, two tablespoons of ground beans produce one 10 - ounce cup of coffee. Use these spoons to quickly and accurately measure the grounds and ensure a delicious-tasting brew EVERY SINGLE TIME.

Key Features

Trust us: these aren’t your typical coffee scoops. Unlike conventional measuring spoons with flat handles, ours are specially designed to provide a secure grip and are actually comfortable to hold. Plus, they’ re small and compact, so they take up less space in your drawers!

Two Coffee Scoops

Solid stainless steel craftsmanship makes this scoop set the only one you’ll ever need. They won’t rust, bend or break. What’s more, they’re great for so much more than coffee. Thesehandy recipe companionscanbeusedto accuratelymeasureflour,looseleaftea,oiland somuch more.

  • TakestheGuessworkOutofMeasuring: Forget the scale! Usethesesturdy spoonstoquickly measureoutgroundcoffeeorwholebeans andoptimizethequalityandflavorofyourbrew.
  • Ergonomic Design: Specially engineered to allow a secure and comfortable grip no matter the size of your hands. Compacts have means they take up less space in your drawers.
  • HighGradeSteel: Made of thick18 / 830 4 stainless steel to last forever. You’lllovethesolid, heavyweight feel of these spoons.FDAapprovedforusewithfoodanddishwashersafe.
  • MultiPurpose: Not just for coffee!Usethesespoonsforscooping&measuringflour, sugar, tea, oil, vanilla extract and more.
  • Your Satisfaction Guaranteed: If you’re not positively thrilled with your coffee scoop set, just let us know and we’ll give you your money back. You can even KEEP the scoops!

Scoop Set by Coletti


TheColettiSetof2StainlessSteelCoffeeScoopsmakesagreatgiftforhousewarmings, weddings,bridalshowers&more.Backedbyour100%RISKFREEGUARANTEE!


  • 2spoonsincluded(1tbsp.&2tbsp.)
  • FDAapprovedforsafety
  • Rust-proof and break-proof, Dishwasher safe
  • Madeofrugged18/8stainlesssteel

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