Why You Should Treat Yourself to Artisan Coffee

why you should

We believe the best way to enjoy coffee is using artesian methods right at home.  Anyone can be their own barista. Although some complain that this brewing method is "time-consuming" or "old-fashioned," not everything modern is enviable.

While there's nothing necessarily wrong with pressing a button on an automated machine and allowing it to pump out the same, watery coffee time-and-time again, true coffee lovers value what artisan brewing methods have to offer.

Namely? The luxury of the process and the brew.

When it comes to enjoying coffee - not just for the buzz, but for the artistry and taste, as well - it doesn't get more "top-tier" than non-electric methods. And there are a few reasons why this is the chosen technique of coffee enthusiasts.

Here are just a few of the biggest reasons why you should take a second from your busy life and #beyourownbarista.

1. Enjoying the Ritual

Pour over coffee is perhaps the best coffee.

There's something to be said for taking a little time to smell, well, the coffee. Life is hectic, we can all agree on that, and it's crucial for our mental health that we all take some time to relax.

Indulging in some "me time" can come in many different forms; exercise, meditation, a nice bath, or massage therapy just to name a few. But you can also find ways to unwind in some of life's smaller pleasures - like brewing a pot of coffee.

Making coffee is something that people have generally become desensitized to. It becomes a rushed process, something you throw together while preparing for the day or thoughtlessly grab on your way to work. But, if you slow down the procedure, you can actually discover an enormous sense of calm in the ritual of it all.

Not only do you feel a sense of accomplishment in making yourself a hand-poured cup of coffee but, for lack of a better word, it feels fancy. You are taking a few extra minutes to use a specialized piece of coffee-making equipment, all in the effort to make yourself an especially delicious brew. Does it get more indulgent than that? This sense of taking time to treat yourself isn't just fun in the moment (and rewarding when you get that cup of incredible coffee) but it's actually good for your health, according to WebMD.

Try waking up five minutes earlier to act like an at-home barista and pamper yourself - you'll see exactly what we mean.

2. Superior Taste

While there's nothing wrong with using drip coffee machines or grabbing a $1 coffee at your local gas station from time-to-time, there is something to be said for treating yourself to high-quality coffee. And we're not talking about an $8 Venti from Starbucks, either.

As surprising as it may sound, quality coffee doesn't have to cost you an arm and a leg every morning. Investing in a non-electric coffee maker (whether it be percolator, French press, or otherwise) means that you can brew top-of-the-line coffee right in your own home.

Heading into the office with a tumbler full of Grade A coffee is an indulgent feeling - and having made it yourself is simply the cherry on top. Nothing is going to start your day on right foot like a delicious dose of expensive tasting (but not actually expensive) coffee.

3. Impress Your Guests

Friends enjoying pour over coffee which is perhaps the best coffee.

Homemade coffee is generally regarded as a way to make individual cups of coffee, at max maybe two or three cups at a time. This would lead one to believe that drip brewing is most suitable when brewing for guests. However, this couldn't be further from the truth!

Although many French presses do provide a smaller serving of coffee, percolators often vary in size and capacity; some can even hold up to 40 cups of coffee at a time. If you consider bulk brewing with this information, it is a total game-changer.

When you have people over, your aim is to make them feel comfortable and, dare we say, impressed. You want your space to be accommodating for them, you want the music to be pleasant, and you want the food you offer to be delicious.

So, why wouldn't you want the coffee you serve to be the best it can possibly be?

Using non-electric brewing equipment shows your friends, family, or colleagues that you care about your coffee - what's more, it shows that you care about the coffee you're making for them. These artisan methods give the feeling of expertise and class, not to mention the coffee they'll be enjoying will be the best brew you could offer.

Not only that, but it's a conversation starter! Seeing a stovetop percolator might make your boss think of her grandma's vintage percolator, or a new romantic interested might be fascinated by how your French press works. You can share your knowledge and love of coffee with them, which is certainly guaranteed to impress.

4. Customizable

One of our least favorite things about automated drip machines is that they can often take the personalization out of your coffee. Oftentimes the "settings" that make your drip coffee "stronger" are simply a placebo, so you can feel as if you have control over the taste of your coffee.

But if you've decided to #beyourownbarista, that control is real.

Most coffee lovers take great pride in experimenting to find their ideal brew and nothing allows for that freedom like homemade coffee. You can choose the coarseness of your grounds, the temperature of the water, the perfect water-to-coffee ratio, and your preferred steeping time.

The result? A cup of coffee made perfectly for you, by you.

Coffee is a daily essential for millions of us - so why aren't we allowing ourselves to enjoy it? We dare you to take a step back from hasty coffee making and really find some beauty in the process of brewing. And since pour over is the best coffee you can treat yourself to, it is through this process that you can find that beauty.

Once you discover the customization, the quality, the flare, the calming ritual of artisanal methods, we're certain you will find a whole new appreciation for the coffee you love.

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